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Hard Ride

This is the bands final album, and it is quite different from their others.  This album sounds more like a combination of 60s rock and funk than bubblegum.  And, once again, there was a change of members in the band.  The band consists of Pat Soriano on organ and piano, Don Christopher on lead & rhythm steel guitar, Richie Gomez on lead & rhythm 12-string guitar, Jimmy Casazza on drums and percussion, Jerry Roth on tenor & alto sax, clarinet, flute, and Ralph Cohen on trumpet & percussion, with all of them doing vocals.  While his name doesn't appear anywhere on the cover anywhere, Mark Gutkowski still  had something to do with this album, according to the label of the album he wrote some of the songs.

Side 1
1. Don't Have to Run and Hide
2. All These Things
3. Beggars' Epitaph
4. a. Eulogy
    b. Seulb
5. The Train

Side 2
1. Creations of Simon
2. Collections of Thoughts
3. a. In the Beginning
    b. The Thing
4. Togetherly Alone (5 Movements)