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Here is an Ad for the Fruitgum Co.  It's a photo of the earlier line up that recorded on the album "Simon Says".


Here's a promotional photo of the line up that recorded the "Goody Goody Gumdrops" and "Indian Giver" albums.


Here's the slipcover for the single "Go Away/ The Track".  I wish I had this, because I've never heard these songs.  Anyone out there who has this and the ability to make an mp3 of it, email me.  This photo was also used on the "Dial" on "Buddah's 360 Dial-A-Hit". Here's a later promo that features many of the Fruitgum Co. albums.  Right now the only "Fabulous Fruitgum Co. Mystery" I can see is what does all the small writing on this page say?  I wish I knew, I don't actually have this promo, just this picture of it.  Anyone who has this and can scan it so it can be read, please email me.

If you have any photos you would like to contribute to this page, email me.