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Stereo Transfers

last updated 5/23/09

The following have been converted to CD, unless specified that is has also been transferred to stereo DVD-A.  This page will probably see little action since most of what free time I get I spend on the large pile of quad stuff to do, but every now and then I'm inspired to do something stereo.

Atilla - Atilla (Early Billy Joel)

The Bee Gees - A collection of mono singles and B sides not available on CD

Joel, Billy - Cold Spring Harbor

Zappa, Frank - All Orchestral Lumpy Gravy (pieced together from the Lumpy Gravy CDs and bootleg recording of a Capitol test pressing of the All Orchestral Lumpy Gravy)

In The Pipeline

The Jaggerz - Introducing The Jaggerz

Steely Dan - Katy Lied (MFSL pressing to DVD-A)